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Building land plot Brnik

RE ID 1765-001
Offer: for sale
Indicative price: 2,400,000.00 € + TAX
property category: Building land plot Brnik
Plot area: 29,025.00 m²
Other: k.o. 2117 - Zgornji Brnik--
Plot number: 696/1, 696/3, 691/3, 691/5, 697, 699/3, 726/3, 725/3, 726/1

*Tax is calculated based on applicable law

A larger complex of building land within the new business zone in the immediate vicinity of Jože Pučnik International Airport, Brnik. The land is suitable for the construction of industrial, commercial and office buildings. Because of its proximity to the airport, it would make an excellent location for logistics activities. Land plot area is 29,025 m2.

Airport development in the future is forecast to be stable. It is expected to reach 1.8 million passengers a year by 2020, with average annual growth rate of over 4%. It is anticipated average annual growth rate of 1.5%. Air cargo traffic is expected to grow at the average annual growth rate of 2.9%.

The price does not include  22% VAT.

Ideal for a large logistics center or light industry
Due to its strategic location, the property is suitable for large logistics operators or light industrial business.

Municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem

The Municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem covers an area of 79 square kilometers, spanning the distance between the Ljubljana basin and the rocky hills of Kamniške Alpe. In recent year, the municipality has been experiencing a boom in commerce and tourism.  Its southern part is home to the Jože Pučnik/Brnik Airport, located just 26 kilometers northeast of Ljubljana. The Brnik Airpšort is Slovenia’s central international airport, which handles 97 percent of Slovenia’s passenger air transport. In recent years, the airport area has been seeing intensive development of commercial zones, as well as improvements to its communal, energy and communications infrastructure.

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