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Gortanov Trg 14a, Koper

Attic apartment, Koper

RE ID 6021-001
Offer: for sale
Indicative price: 179,000.00 € + TAX
property category: Attic apartment, Koper
Address: Gortanov Trg 14a, Koper
Year of construction: 1900
Net floor area: 88.00 m²
Other: k.o. 2605 - Koper-597-1

*Tax is calculated based on applicable law

Attic apartment in a small bussines-residential building in the old city centre of Koper.

Partially furnished apartment with surface 88 m2 net, and usage surface of 73,4 m2, located on the 2nd floor (attic) of a business-residential building.

We are aranging the usage permit to be gathered. Sale process can be only finished aftere usage permit is gathered.

Gortanov trg 14a, Koper. Small business-residential building in the old city centre of Koper.

Koper is the sixth largest Slovenian city, located in the Slovenian part of Istria, with a population of approximately 25,000. The town is located in an area where also members of the Italian national community live, and therefore, in addition to Slovene, the official language is Italian language. Next to the town is the international cargo port of Koper, the only one of its kind in Slovenia.

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