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Opekarniška cesta 2b, Ormož

Shopping center

RE ID 232
Offer: for rent
Indicative price: 10.00 € / m² / + TAX
property category: Shopping center
Address: Opekarniška cesta 2b, Ormož
Year of construction: 2007
Net floor area: 4,497.00 m²
Plot area: 4,579.00 m²
Other: k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-1, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-2, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-5, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-6, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-7, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-8, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-9, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-10, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-11, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-12, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-13, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-15, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-16, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-17, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-18, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-20, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-22, k.o. 332 - Ormož-1149-23
Plot number: 359/26, 359/27

*Tax is calculated based on applicable law

Up for lease are shops and bars located in the commercial business center Holermous, in the center of Velenje, just off the main access road to the town. The shopping center is situated in a predominantly commercial part of the city, in the immediate vicinity of Spar and Mercator. The shopping center consists of a B+ GF+ 1F. The floors are connected via two personal and freight elevators and stairways. Currently 3/4 of the business premises in the centar are rented out. The premises vary in size from 15 to 530 m2. Total net floor area of the shopping center is 4.497 m2. Parking space for visitors is provided in front of the shopping center. Overall the center is well maintained and in excellent condition.

Ormož is the smaller town in northeastern Slovenia with 12.185 inhabitants.The development of the city is based mainly on tourist offer, the town is surrounded by vineyards and it has rich historical heritage. Highway connection Ptuj - Maribor is 23 km away.

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