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Breg 16, Celje

Business-residential villa in Celje

RE ID 1546
Well maintained villa suitable for tourism, offices and/or restaurant in the center of Celje
Offer: for sale
Indicative price: 970,000.00 € + TAX
property category: Business-residential villa in Celje
Address: Breg 16, Celje
Year of construction: 1893
Year of renovation: 2010
Net floor area: 956.00 m²
Plot area: 2,250.00 m²
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Plot number: 1077-1075/0, 1077-1976/3, 1077-1976/4, 1077-1974/2, 1077-1974/3, 1077-1974/4
energy class: E (105-150 kWh/m²a)

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Site Map

Beautiful, renovated 1893 villa
The villa was constructed in 1893. It was fully renovated in 2010 with quality materials, the architectural solutions preserved its unique character and beauty.

The building has a basement, ground floor, and two upper floors

  • The ground floor features a gallery, which opens outwards onto a beautifully-designed, shaded terrace. 
  • The ground floor and the upper floors feature a variety of rooms suitable for quiet business operations. 
  • The loft has three separate apartments, each with a panoramic balcony kitchen and bathroom.
  • The basement has three unfinished rooms planned for wellness facilities. 
  • The floors are connected by a beautiful staircase.

Unique, easily accessible location
Villa Savinja stands atop a small hilltop overlooking the Savinja river. It has beautiful views of the old town center, the Capuchin monastery, the Celje castle and the rolling hills surrounding the area.  The villa is accessible via regional and local road with a paved driveway leading to the estate. An impressive stone stairway also leads up to the villa.

A unique investment opportunity

  • Today, Villa Savinja is used as a mixed-use residential and commercial building used for tourism, offices, and gallery with a restaurant.
    The villa can be developed into a hospitality and tourist facility, as it offers options for accommodation and/or catering for large parties. 
    It can also be repurposed as a business facility.
  • The municipality has been making great investments in the development of the historical town center and its immediate surroundings. By doing so, Celje is reviving the magic of the medieval town center, preserving a lively urban beat and attracting increasing numbers of tourists each year. The numerous cultural, sporting and entertainment events, a rich variety of restaurant choices and beautiful nature make this an attractive destination throughout the year.
  • Thanks to its visibility, character, accessibility and tasteful renovation, Villa Savinja can fit snugly into Celje’s increasingly popular tourist and hospitality landscape, or it can be repurposed as an attractive office facility for a company.

Celje – the third-largest town in Slovenia
The Municipality of Celje is the region’s administrative, cultural, educational, industrial and tourist center. The municipality is home to almost 50,000 inhabitants. It boasts a rich history and cultural heritage and is nestled in the green areas near the confluence of Savinja and Voglajna rivers. The municipality has a focus on sustainable development, investing in ecological projects, revitalizing cultural heritage sites, the city infrastructure etc. The municipality is home to numerous schools and educational institutions, has a diverse sports infrastructure and is home to many public utility companies, companies, and institutes. (source:

The listed price does not include taxes.

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