Vintarjeva ulica 4, Vojnik

Residential building Vojnik - Celje

RE ID 448
Offer: for sale
Indicative price: 1,650,000.00 € + TAX
property category: Residential building Vojnik - Celje
Address: Vintarjeva ulica 4, Vojnik
Year of construction: 2009
Parking space: 36 parking spaces
Building status: Finished residential building (renovation needed)
Net floor area: 3,728.50 m²
Plot area: 2,495.00 m²
Plot number: 1065-314/0, 1065-317/1, 1065-317/2, 1065-317/3, 1065-317/4, 1065-317/5, 1065-317/6
energy class: C (35-60 kWh/m²a)

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Low-rise multi-unit residential development for new, modern apartments

  • The multi-unit residential building is of recent build but in need of renovation.
  • The apartments’ net floor area is 2,444 m2, with an additional 2,495 m2 of land area.
  • The building has a basement, ground floor, and three upper floors. 
  • It consists of 43 apartment units of various sizes, with floor areas ranging from 34 m2 to 98 m2.
  • Storage areas, outdoor and indoor parking spots are included. 
  • Individual residential units feature modern architecture and good utilization of space. 
  • The surrounding area is pleasant, green, and quiet, with other residential buildings nearby.

In the middle of urban comfort and nature
A location where everything is within arm’s reach
All the necessary infrastructure is available in the immediate vicinity, ensuring urban comfort in a peaceful and pleasant environment. Nearby are shops, the bank, pharmacy, city hall and elementary school. The neighborhood and its surrounding area offer numerous options for outdoor activities and weekend getaways into nature. 

he following properties are for sale:

  • Building ID no. 1065-346 (ID 5391453), occupying land plot 1065 317/1 (ID 3547133), with a floor area of 1,974 m2.
  • Land plot ID no. 1065 314 (ID 3683421), with a floor area of 341 m2, undeveloped curtilage,
  • Land plot ID no. 1065 317/2 (ID 4980875), with a floor area of 26 m2, undeveloped curtilage,
  • Land plot ID no. 1065 317/3 (ID 4477200), with a floor area of 53 m2, undeveloped curtilage,
  • Land plot ID no. 1065 317/4 (ID 4477201), with a floor area of 24 m2, undeveloped curtilage,
  • Land plot ID no. 1065 317/5 (ID 782457), with a floor area of 52 m2, undeveloped curtilage,
  • Land plot ID no. 1065 317/6 (ID 1789709), with a floor area of 25 m2, undeveloped curtilage,

land plots with a total floor area of 2,495 m2, owned by Družba za upravljanje terjatev bank, d. d.

Vojnik - a municipality with a focus on the development
The Municipality of Vojnik has a population of slightly over 8,700. Vojnik invests intensively in sustainable development across the field and is actively involved in local economic and social activities, offering incentives for development of tourism and the countryside. It hosts a number of small businesses and craft shops. The municipality also has excellent transport connections. Celje and the motorway are just 10 kilometers away, and located nearby are the railway, bus terminal and city public transport access.

Celje – the third-largest town in Slovenia
The Municipality of Celje is region’s administrative, cultural, educational, industrial and tourist centers. The municipality is home to almost 50,000 inhabitants. It boasts a rich history and cultural heritage and is nestled in the green areas near the confluence of Savinja and Voglajna rivers. 
The municipality has a focus on sustainable development, investing in ecological projects, revitalizing cultural heritage sites, the city infrastructure etc. The municipality is home to numerous schools and educational institutions, has a diverse sports infrastructure and is home to many public utility companies, companies, and institutes. (source:

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RE ID 5010
Year of construction: 2011

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