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Poljubinj 69A, Tolmin

Unfinished multi-apartment building Tolmin

RE ID 707
Unfinished multi-apartment building with 9 apartments in Tolmin
Offer: for sale
Indicative price: 720,000.00 € + TAX
property category: Unfinished multi-apartment building Tolmin
Address: Poljubinj 69A, Tolmin
Year of construction: 2011
Net floor area: 1,545.60 m²
Plot area: 746.00 m²
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Site Map

9 modern apartment with excellent layouts

  • The multi-apartment building was constructed in 2011, up to the 5th construction phase. The building is missing interior doors and fine flooring in the bathrooms and living areas.
  • The structure has 6 floors.
  • It comprises 9 apartment units sized 60 m² to 100 m².
  • All apartment units except one have two parking spots and one storage area each. The covered parking spaces are located on the basement level and on the 6th floor. The storage areas are located in the basement, with a floor area of 5 m² to 25 m².

A good, well-connected location
The building has a great location with good connections to other towns. It is located in the town of Podljubinj, just 2.3 kilometers out of Tolmin. Nearby is the Podljubinj business park, where numerous companies operate and create jobs.

Tolmin – Rich history in the Alps
Tolmin is a town with a very special character, derived from its rich history and unique geographic location, nestled in the embrace of the Alps. The town is one of the foremost European Iron Age architectural sites and due to its strategic location, it still has many historic remains from WWI and WWII.
Tolmin is located directly nearby the Triglav National Park and is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination in recent years. The pristine nature, imposing Alpine peaks, the crystal-clear Soča river and the pleasant climate attract tourists from the world over. Thus, Tolmin was named Alpine Town of the Year in 2016. 
It has great connections with other parts of Slovenia and Italy, contributing to its economic development. Tolmin is famous for its local type of mountain cheese. Among others, the dominant industry in the area is the electrical power generation and wood processing industry, as well as various crafts, with rapidly-developing tourism.

The listed price does not include 22% VAT.

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RE ID 5010
Year of construction: 2011