Ulica 9. septembra, Vrtojba

Multi-apartment senior citizens’ complex in Vrtojba

RE ID 1096
Unfinished complex for senior citizens on the outskirts of Nova Gorica
Offer: for sale
Indicative price: 4,900,000.00 € + TAX
property category: Multi-apartment senior citizens’ complex in Vrtojba
Address: Ulica 9. septembra, Vrtojba
Year of construction: 2012
Building status: III. ECP
Net floor area: 9,614.75 m²
Plot area: 10,948.00 m²
Plot number: 2316-3194/5, 2316-3194/6, 2316-3194/7, 2316-1587, 2316-1592/5, 2316-1592/6, 2316-3167/6, 2316-3193/2, 2316-3194/4
energy class: B2 (25-35 kWh/m²a)

*Tax is calculated based on applicable law

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Complex for senior citizens
The unfinished multi-apartment residential complex consists of two facilities: the senior citizens’ home and assisted-living apartments.

  • The senior citizens’ home has a net floor area of 6,065.23 m². 
    It has a basement level, a ground floor and three upper floors, with a potential capacity to host 120 residents. The rooms are single or twin-occupancy, each having its own bathroom. Besides the residential rooms, each floor has a large common area for socializing, as well as other multi-purpose areas. There are unfinished business premises on the ground floor, which were planned for various service businesses.
  • The assisted living facility has a net floor area of 3,549.52 m² and contains 38 apartments.
    It has a basement level, a ground floor and two upper floors. The basement level is planned for parking spaces, part of the ground floor is planned for service businesses, while the rest is planned for apartment units.

Peaceful, serene location with excellent traffic connections
The property is located in the peaceful outskirts of Nova Gorica. The property is surrounded by lush greenery, creating a peaceful ambient in a small village community. The property is easily accessible and well-connected to Nova Gorica and nearby towns.

Nova Gorica – a municipality with a population of nearly 32,000
Vrtojba is located next to the Nova Gorica city municipality, directly adjacent to the Italian border. Nova Gorica is the administrative, educational, cultural and economic centre of the Goriška region and has a lively feel. It is also home to numerous businesses, with a good school system and its own university, and has a number of high-profile and influential cultural institutions. It will be a European capital of culture in 2025, and offers a unique blend of Slavic, Italian and German culture. Nova Gorica is known for its rich and fascinating natural and cultural heritage, which is encouraging the development of tourism in the region. 
Nova Gorica is home to just under 32,000 people, with an increasing need for suitable facilities for the increasing elderly population. It is also directly connected to the Italian Gorizia, where Slovenia is considered an excellent environment for retirement. 
(sources: www.nova-gorica.si, http://www.stat.si).

Option for repurposing
The facilities are still unfinished, and can therefore be repurposed for other, similar activities.

The listed price does not include 9.5% or 22% VAT.

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