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Cankarjev Drevored 23, Izola

Building land plot Shipyard Izola

RE ID 51
Urbanized land plot with an elite location by the sea in Izola
Offer: for sale
Indicative price: 9,000,000.00 € + TAX
property category: Building land plot Shipyard Izola
Address: Cankarjev Drevored 23, Izola
Year of construction: 1960
Year of renovation: 1980
Net floor area: 8,669.00 m²
Plot area: 42,054.00 m²
Plot number: 124/3, 124/4, 123/1, 123/2, 124/7, 124/5, 117/0, 120/0, 118/1, 118/2, 116/1, 116/5, 116/6, 116/7, 116/8, 116/9, 116/10, 116/11, 119/0, 121/1, 121/2, 124/13, 124/20, 124/21, 124/22, 124/23, vse k.o. 2626 - Izola
energy class: F (150-210 kWh/m²a)

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Well equipped seaside property
The “IZOLA SHIPYARD” property is located directly on the coast along the northeastern part of the Izola Peninsula, just a stone’s throw from the historical town center of Izola. The land plot currently hosts derelict shipyard facilities and industrial equipment, suitable for demolition. The land plot is easily accessible and has good public utility infrastructure.

Ideal for the development of tourism capacities
Under the new municipal zoning act, the area is zoned for tourism throughout the year. A project blueprint has been produced, which anticipates the construction of a seaside resort with an upscale family hotel (planned gross floor area of all hotel capacities: 17,823 m²) and an indoor and outdoor water park (planned gross floor size of the water park: 12,424 m²). 
The hotel consists of spacious family suites with seaside views, restaurants and bars, and a wellness area.
The water park complex will accommodate 1000 guests and will also be open to the public during daytime. Besides an indoor pool area (including heated swimming pools, water attractions and food and beverages), the complex will also have outdoor and indoor pools on the seaside.
Also planned for the project is a public promenade along the shoreline and outdoor and underground parking.

Excellent location; by the sea coast with beautiful views
The seaside property holds the town’s greatest potential for development. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the Izola town center, adjacent to the public promenade and cycling trail, which will one day provide a continuous connection between all the coastal townships.
 Zustoviča ulica marks the property’s southern boundary and the Delamaris area borders on the west. The shipyard is bordering on the shoreline on its northern and eastern side. The property’s immediate vicinity and broader environment offer numerous opportunities for quality and dynamic recreational activities.
The land plot has exquisite views of the Slovenian Alps and the Italian Dolomites. Its immediate surroundings include commercial, residential and tourist facilities, which help create a lively local beat. 

Izola is a popular and fast-growing tourist destination
The Mediterranean town of Izola is an old fishing village, and also a Slovenian municipality by the Adriatic coast, at the top of the Istrian peninsula. With a population of 15,900, Izola is the second largest center of tourism on the Slovenian coast. Its historical character, excellent culinary options, and surrounding natural beauty make Izola a popular destination for domestic and international tourists. Nearby is the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, which is famous around the world for its traditional salt harvesting method. An added bonus is the proximity to Kras, home to the Lipica and the Lipizzaner horses, inviting visitors to the mysterious underworld of the Postojna Caves, Škocjan Caves, and the Vilenica Cave. The South Primorska region is also famous for its excellent wines and great food. The city is well-connected to the rest of Slovenia, Italy, and Croatia. It is only 70 km away from the Trieste International Airport, the Port of Koper passenger terminal only 8.5 km away.

South Primorska region – Slovenia’s most popular tourist destination
As of 2015, the Karst-Coastal region hosted 5% of Slovenian population. The region has the highest percentage of international residents in Slovenia (9.2%). The GDP is the second-highest in the country. The Karst-Coastal region is an exceptionally developed region, gaining popularity with each year. In 2016, they reported almost 2.4 million of tourist overnight stays (41% domestic and 59% international), which is the highest among all statistical regions. Italian tourists made up the majority of international overnight stays (21%).

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Energetska izkaznica stavbe

Št. izkaznice: 2017-41-8-50369 Velja do: 06/18/2027
Potrebna toplota za ogrevanje
Razred F 209 kWh/m²a
0 15 35 60 105 150 210 300+
Dovedena energija za delovanje stavbe
261 kWh/m²a
Primarna energija in Emisije CO₂
653 kWh/m²a
139 kg/m²a